Display to Earn

Web3 local ads display platform with built-in Game-Fi elements.

How it works

DisplayN aims to promote the blockchain revolution in the local advertising industry. We will use idle tablets, blockchain, and AI technology to solve problems that traditional industries cannot solve.

We are disrupting the trillion-dollar industry.


Reuse Idle Tablet

A total of 168.8 million tablets be shipped worldwide in 2021. The number of existing tablets worldwide is more than 1 billion, and the tablet idle rate is above 50%.

Tokens Incentive

Blockchain helps brings our nodes into a decentralized, self-governance network. We use tokens to incentivize people to reuse their idle tablets.

Distributed AI Monitoring

Distributed AI can detect the effectiveness of ads delivery and ensure that a real person views each ad. Distributed AI also means that no central organization has access to sensitive content, thus protecting user privacy.

Partner with

We have worked with several great companies.

* We are operating 238634 advertising screens across China

Teams from unicorn companies

The technical team has many years of experience in the field of elevator AI Internet of Things (AIoT), multimedia precision advertising and blockchain technology. Up to now, we are operating advertising screens in 104 cities across the country, with more than 200,000 elevator advertisements systems installed and running in more than 7,000 communities with exposure to hundreds of millions of people every day. It is currently the top three advertising screen enterprises in China.

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Proof of Display

In China, our CTO led a technical team to develop a unique and effective AD display detection technology. Our system, which is AI-based, can identify valid displays and deduct advertisers' fees accordingly, which makes advertisers' ads more accurate and effective. At the same time, this detection technology is also the basis of PoD (Proof of display) verification mechanism.

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Quickly understand what we are trying to do

What makes us unique?

A few highlights of our project.


We encourage users to reuse their idle tablets, and we offer a built-in tablet recycling marketplace.


Our smart protocol runs on the Ethereum blockchain and store all data on the Filecoin decentralized storage.


Built-in NFT game system that makes it easier for people to understand our concepts.

Distributed AI

Distributed AI detects the effectiveness of each ad placement and protects guest privacy with smart contracts.


Bulid-in DeFi system is an algorithmic, autonomous interest rate protocol built for miners.


Thirteen elected members make up council. Council members have the right to initiate and vote on proposals.

Our Roadmap

Join us to witness our growth and strive to be the number one in global offline ad distribution.

Awesome Team

NO ONE BUT US. We are some of the most experienced team in the industry.

Martin W.

Executive Officer

Leilei W.

Technology Officer

Hao W.

Financial Officer

Don X.

Marketing Officer